Knit tops are very much in this winter. And it’s totally understandable. Knits are the perfect wintertime top, no matter where you are. They can be equal parts cozy, fashionable, and versatile. And knits come in all sorts of styles, too. From oversized knit pullovers to knit cardigans, there are many options out there—which means a lot of outfit potential.

If you have yet to experience the magic of the knit top or you’re unsure about styling your knits, help is on the way! They are cute tops worth your attention, and just a few can go a long way. Here are a few ideas to make your knit tops pop.

Knits and Demin, the Perfect Combination?

It’s hard to go wrong with knits and denim. Of course, you could also say it’s hard to go wrong with denim and just about anything else. But what brings knits and jeans together is texture. Denim has a defining woven texture. Knits have their own woven textures. And there’s so much variation between styles.

However, there is one style combination that can take your look to the next level—contrasting weaves. If your denim has a finer weave, choose a knit with a heavier, cabled, or corded weave. The contrast can be eye-catching and inspiring. And not only is the look a can’t-miss style, but it’s super cozy, as well.

Knits and Dresses, as Charming as Can Be 

When you’re searching online boutique dresses, search for knit tops, too. Search for knit tops you can wear with your new boutique dress. Knit tops pair beautifully with jeans and pants, but you can really create a stellar look with the pairing of knits and dresses.

Knits and dresses make for the ultimate winter look. It’s flowy yet perfect for cooler weather. It’s even suited for downright cold weather when you bring boots and scarves into the mix. You can contrast the top with a different weave than the dress or complement it with a similar weave. It’s easy to mix and match!

Knits and Layers as You Like Them

Knits are perfect for layering. This is where the versatility of knits really stands out. You can layer knit cardigans with graphic tees or button-up blouses. You can create a super casual ensemble or dress it up. When you bring layering into the mix, you can have the whole knit and caboodle.

Knit cardigans are the easiest to layer, but don’t feel limited by cardigans. Sweaters and pullovers have stylish layering possibilities, too. You just may have to be a bit more strategic. For instance, a sweater over a button-up blouse is an option. Simply leave the blouse untucked and let it peek out. The bottom line is: experiment! Play with your knit tops and the rest of your wardrobe. See what pairs well together and have fun with your winter look.

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