Crop tops aren’t the wintriest of tops. They’re perfect for warm weather and sunny days. But those days are still a few months away. Depending on where you live and how low temperatures go, you may put your crop tops away until spring. Want to keep the crop top look alive no matter the season? You don’t have to put them away when chilly weather hits.

Instead, reach for complementary pieces, like slouchy cardigans and flannel button-ups. Keeping your dress crop top look going all year long is about strategic pairings. And here are a few of those pairings to get you started.

For a Touch of Cozy Warmth

Slouchy cardigans and kimono-style sweaters are musts for cooler weather. And they’re the perfect layering companions for crop tops. They add a touch of cozy warmth to any ensemble, especially crop tops. And slouchy cardigans pair well with just about any crop top you might have. That opens up all kinds of style possibilities.

For a More Structured Look

Jackets, shackets, and flannel shirts are crop tops’ best friends. They give your ensemble a more structured look over cardigans and sweaters. And they give you even more options to keep your crops going all winter long. Flannel makes a great in-between layer, too. If things are getting a bit chilly, a crop top, flannel, and jacket can be just what you need.

For a Way to Balance Things Out

This isn’t so much about pairing as it is about finding a more “balanced” crop top for cooler weather. That balanced top? A long sleeve crop top. Even when temperatures dip, you might not want to layer (or layer too much). A long sleeve crop can be an option. And it opens all kinds of styling doors. You can definitely layer. But don’t forget about the bottoms—a long sleeve crop top paired with a long skirt is a wintertime staple.

For the Bottom Half of Your Look 

From slouchy cardigans to thick flannels, there are plenty of ways to keep your crop tops in rotation no matter how chilly it gets. But what about the rest of your look? In the winter, it’s the perfect time for high-waisted skirts (and long skirts, at that), along with high-waisted jeans and slacks. Basically, anything high-waisted! As you shop boutique dresses online, check out midi and maxi skirts to bring your cropped look together.

For Completing Your Ensemble 

You have your crop top. And your layered pieces. And your high-waisted bottoms. How do you complete your cropped look? Boots! Short booties, tall boots, it doesn’t matter. Boots complement the rest of your ensemble perfectly, particularly in winter when you want to keep your feet a touch toastier. Boots work with all kinds of ensembles, too. Crop top and long dress? Perfect! Crop top, flannel, and high-waisted jeans? Even more perfect!

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